April 23, 2014 

I really liked my dream last night. I’ll remember it for a while

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Clear your mind here

watched this episode of The Office today, and this is honestly one of my favorite scenes from the entire show. i love it so much that i couldn’t resist finding it on YouTube and posting it here on tumblr hehe

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Gahhhh I’m an idiot. Fuuuu if I only I could rewind man.

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The truth is,

we don’t get to choose who we fall for. They may mistreat us, ignore us or hurt us, but we stay with them. Why? It’s not because we’re stupid or we enjoy getting hurt, It’s because we can see the good in them, it’s because despite all the arguments, they are the ones who make us feel a certain way that no one else can & we value that feeling, & because our brains won’t allow them to leave our minds, & our hearts won’t allow them to leave our lives.


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